Discover the partners of the standard.

The friends of Biocyclic Vegan Standard

SAFE FOOD ADVOCACY EUROPE is financially supported by the European Union in the framework of the European Commission’s LIFE Programme.

BIOCYCLIC VEGAN NETWORK, network of 80 biocyclic vegan farmers in Greece and Cyprus.
BIO HELLAS body of certification for organic farming in Greece and Cyprus.

Förderkreis Biozyklisch-Veganer Anbau, German association for biocyclic vegan farming.
PROVEG, German vegetarian/vegan association.
BIO-VEGANES NETZWERK (BVN), network for the promotion of vegan organic farming in Germany.
ALBERT SCHWEITZER FOUNDATION , German association for the protection of animals.

VEGAN FRANCE French association for the economic development of vegan alternatives.
VEGAN IMPACT, French association for the promotion of vegan lifestyle.
EXPERTISE VEGANE EUROPE, French office for the control and certification of vegan products.

Netwerk voor biocyclische-veganlandbouw in Nederland en Vlanderen, raise awareness of biocyclic-vegan agriculture in the Netherlands and Flanders.

SWISS VEG Swiss vegetarian/vegan association.